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AirCaracas specializes not only in organizing private charters, shared charters, budget flights & commercial flights for our discerning clients. 


What makes us unique is our shared charters with seamless connections to national and international flight destinations. The Air Caracas initiators have been successfully involved in organizing exclusive charters to Venezuela and Brazil from Europe.


AirCaracas also specializes in cheap international flights, departing from Europe, to various destinations in Latin America and specifically to or through Caracas (Venezuela). We provide cost saving travelers cheap flights without sacrificing great customer service! We offer special arrangements for expats and immigrants.

Most of our airfares are consolidated tickets. These are one of the great travel bargains. They are regularly scheduled flights on major airlines, bought by consolidators in bulk at wholesale prices, and then resold to you at large discounts.

Consolidator fares offer particularly large savings on international travel, and are the best values you're likely to find in the peak summer vacation months. They are generally cheaper than the best published fares available from the airlines themselves.
We also include web specials and official airline sales in the tickets we sell. These are typically for domestic routes, and are more common in off-peak seasons.

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